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We are dedicated to putting you in touch with solicitors as easily as possible, in addition to bringing you topical news and information.

Our simple system allows you to find solicitors both in the location you want and for the area of law that you need. If you are unsure which legal discipline you need to select, use the `need help` button and our trained staff will be able to assist. All solicitors listed on are regulated, and is a free resource for locating solicitors in the UK; we do not receive reward from solicitors if you decide to instruct them. The information provided on is not legal advice, we are independent from all firms of solicitors and the listing of any firm on does not constitute a recommendation.

Appointing a Solicitor.

Guide to some of the factors people use when appointing a Solicitor.

Most people use either emotive or practical reasons when choosing a solicitor, quite often it`s because either they have been recommended, or the firms` office is convenient to where they work or live, but is this the best way to choose a solicitor? read more about appointing a solicitor

Using is not a legal service provider we cannot give advice, we do provide guides that may help you, but to obtain legal advice you should contact a solicitor. Use the search facility selecting the area of law and the location, some of the firms listed may be out of location but still able to assist. If you require further help please contact us or The Law Society for help.

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Legal news
Government to introduce New Homes Ombudsman

The government announces a New Homes Ombudsman to protect consume..


Terrorism and the Law.

Terrorism is one of the biggest threats to our country but what powers do the police have to combat the threat...

Abortion Laws

50 years ago, the Abortion Act of 1967 was passed - calls for a review...

law on legal highs to be reviewed

The law banning legal highs in the UK is to undergo an urgent review...

Changes in the Compensation Law

Civil Liability Bill is set to change the face of compensation cl..


Legal Protection for Good Deeds.

Changes are planned for 2015 to increase the legal protection for those being sued as a result of performing a Good Deed...

Social Media hampering police investigations.

Its time social media worked better with the police...

Boost for Help to Buy scheme

An extra 10bn is to be made available to extend the help to buy scheme...

What is a Section 60 notice?

Over 2000 section 60 notices have been issued in London last year..


Legal Gender rules

The rules are to be reconsidered for how your legal gender can be changed, making it easier...

Government Plans to cut compensation for whiplash.

Government Plans to cut compensation for whiplash.
The average payout for whiplash compensation is 1850 this is set to fall by as much as 1500, following con..

Interest rate update.

interest rate update - September 2017..

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