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The Welfare and Benefits Solicitors listed below covering Glasgow. will be able to assist you with any challenge you need to make for your benefits. The welfare benefit system and its administration is very complicated so mistakes can be made both from you the claimant and the benefits officer, legal advice is recommended if you are in doubt, many of the benefits offices are under pressure due to cuts and solicitors can help to speed up the process and make sure your dispute is handled correctly to avoid delays.

Welfare Benefits lawyers covering the Glasgow area can assist with reviews, appeals and disputes:

• Unemployment Benefits
• Tax Credits
• Family Benefits
• Property

Many solicitors will hold Legal Aid certificates, but talk with them about the fees.
Their are some excellent support services in the Glasgow area, Glasgow council have a section on welfare and benefits claims on their web site, you may need more than just legal help, and there are help groups and charities covering Glasgow that can give you support, when speaking to the council ask about any other help available.

Sometimes you need advice from someone that does not work in the benefits office, and if you need some questions answered before you make a claim, the CAB covering Glasgow can help, call them on 03444 111 444 or if you claim is in Wales call 03444 77 20 20, they also have a very good online chat service for giving advice.
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