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Work Placement Schemes.

Welcome to the work experience on line application system.

We believe this is the only free service of its type to help you find work experience.
The online form has been designed to make it easier for you to apply for work experience, we have left the form open for you to be able to express yourself, and with this in mind you may like to print the form before completing.

If you are looking for a legal career, it’s a brilliant opportunity to see what it’s like to work in a firm for a week or two through a work placement scheme, many law firms offer such opportunities’ to university students through the holiday period.

A work placement scheme works both ways, it will give you an insight into life as a solicitor, and it gives firms a chance to see you as a potential employee, in fact many students have obtained training contracts because of their performance on work placement.

It’s not going to be easy to obtain the work placement you desire, as demand is very high, so you have to promote yourself in the best way, leaving no details out, showing invention and initiative on your application, that’s why we give guidance rather than a structured approach to the information you provide.

Time Frames.

Most firms look to take students on during the summer period, but that’s not written in stone, you could be thinking of applying at any time and we would recommend that you do. You might receive replies asking you to reapply at a given time but as we, nor do we know of any organisation hold these details for all law firms we suggest you don’t delay and apply straight away.

Your application will be submitted within 24hrs and we ask the firms to reply to you, if we need to come back to you we will.

You information will never be used by us, or a 3rd party for any other purpose other than for its intended use and will not be stored.

We will only submit your details to firms on our database and will never show a bias to any firm, but as we only deal with Law firms you may wish to consider sending your work experience application to

Pro Bono Groups

The Citizens Advice Bureau
Your University or Law School should have a list of local organisations and charities.

Local Authorities and other Government bodies

Many of these authorities have legal requirements and can be a great way of expanding your understanding of opportunities available to you.

Don’t underestimate the power of diversification.

Obtaining work experience in other professional fields such as banking or accountancy can be great for your CV as working for some of the big firms clients will give you an insight on what it’s like to be a client, and understand their needs.

Good Luck

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