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Contractor - contract terminated

My question to you is do I have grounds for unfair dismissal I have put a brief outline want has happen
My contract was terminated but I have not been informed of the reason for my Contract Termination I have not been notified by anyone has to why the company did not want me to return, In fact I was in contact with company only three days before I was to return I receive my flight ticket (I work in Africa for an British oil company) which I received. I completed all my task has per my job description with no complaints none that I was told about anyway. If I was not performing my job well then I should have been notified on camp by my managers has to want I was doing wrong, and I am entitled to know this I should have been notified verbally and in writing by the Base Manager and giving the reasons why my contract was being terminated this did not happen and no one can tell me why, (my contract was for a year I still had eight months to go on the contact.) I spoke to my Base Manager by phone and he informed me that he had no Idea why this has happen he states he knows nothing about why my contract was terminated (I find this hard to believe).
And also the fact that I was notified when travelling to my place or work is deplorable I had been home on leave for two weeks so could have been told within that period so to me this looks like a decisions was made at the very last minute and the proper process was not followed. I open my emails everyday even on day I left home to return to work at that time there was no emails from company regarding not to travel; I did not open up my emails again until traveling. So it was something of a shock when I was gives the message by the company rep even he could not tell why my contract was terminated. Then I open my email and my notice was there but with still no reason why.
I feel this has been handle very badly by company and by the Managers I feel that due process has not been carried out correctly by the company and Managers who have not performed their obligation to the Contractor to inform him why is contract has been terminated in the proper laid down process with in the UK labor laws and to give the contractor the right of reply to any issue regarding is performance and to me it looks like they have not looked into why my contract was terminated before issuing the termination notice it was rushed at the last minute for reasons I do not know.

suspended at work

Been suspended at work joking with young girl .was talking to me and friend about boys she. was seing . Etc . All I said was she to young .she told her mate . But her mate reported it to her manger . Now i.m ssuspended . can you help with employment law issues.