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accused of theft at work

Good morning, my store manager has accused me of theft of 30 pounds from one of the tills which i cashed up one Sunday night (week before last). I am one of the shift managers in the restaurant working part-time and have been working for the company for the last six and half years. He just escalated this matter to the head office without even asking me what actually happened that night or if he had found something in the camera to prove i am guilty. I have been suspended on part-time pay. I have a meeting now with my area manager and another store manager this Saturday to prove that the allegations are wrong.(suspicious of theft).I think he might have something as evidence from the camera or probably i was putting my hand in one of the pockets to look for my phone. I know they cant prove anything as i have done nothing wrong...i work for a Finance House full time,since this incident happened I lost my confidence, really depressed and sick.. I am not even going to work, its not that i am feared but the way things have gone it left me embarrassed and humiliating in front of all my colleagues in the store.Do you have an employment solicitor that can help, or it may be criminal law.
My store manger since last couple of months for some reason was after me. he wants me to leave the store and was pressing me hard, giving me stress. 
please help me I want to know can i sue my store manager for his actions and for what he has done to me...  

motoring law

Hi I had a bump in my works van this year I ran into the back of another car at walking pace the driver put in a whip lash claim but the passenger didnt it was at round about the car infront of me stalled when it was clear to go i was looking right and seen it was clear to go only to find that the car hadnt moved and i was unable to avoid a collision. I contacted the ambulance and police as the driver of the other car said his neck was sore. I received a citation to attend court for the charge of driving without due care and attention i would like to plead not guilty but do you thnik there is any chance the charge would get dropped? I drive for a living have a clean license no crimal convictions - do you have a criminal- motoring solicitor that can help