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By what I consider to be devious means I was tricked out of being included as one of the creditors in an IVA,(which was approved on the August 2012), by a person who was compiling information on behalf of the debtor for submission to a licensed insolvency practitioner for the preparation of the IVA. As a consequence of this action my debt was excluded from the list of creditors.  In light of the situation that has arisen I would like to know what action can be taken to over come or compensate me for the financial loss I am now likely to suffer as a consequence of this, do you have solicitors that can help with this type of

disputed car insurance

I have separated from my husband, we had a car that we still owe £1200 for to my mum, the car is in my husbands name and he has taken it. The year’s insurance was paid in full on my mum’s credit card, does she have the authority to cancel the insurance as she paid on her credit card and my husband is no longer paying her back for it?