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I have been caring for an elderly man (97) for the last 16 months, the last 7 months of which he has been in a care home) and have just been told he no longer wants to see me, although he and I had arranged to see him today. The grand daughter called the police on Sunday who came with her to my house as I have many of the mans possessions at my house and demanded that I hand them over. I had not previously been asked for these things.
As they were not ready it was arranged that the police man would come today and take the item to the home of the grand daughter. I have subsequently found out that she has been going around the neighborhood talking about me.
I do not think that this has been the right way of doing things.
I need to know where I can go for advice on this matter and under what category it would come under - I live in Coventry.

education problems

Hi, I did a nursing diploma in bucks new university for three years and I thought I worked hard and completed every module only to be send a letter informing me I had plagiarized the last module. The university did their investigation and decided to disqualify me meaning that I didn’t qualify as a nurse after the long three years. My question is can I get help to find another university to complete my final module as I have turned away by several universities.