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tracing My Family

My mum been searching for her father for about 30 years, her mother never told him where he was. Finally his aunty gave her a cutting saying he died. We found out despite the fact we’d been searching for 30 yrs and, he apparently lived round the corner from us. We thought he was in Paris; this is where he was born. He’s French and so are we. We live in UK though (born here)

My Mum went nuts when she found out; nobody had the decency to say he was really close to her and only told him when he died. She discovered a brother, nieces and nephews and finally went to her fathers home and met her brother etc - however his brother got scared and stopped communicating with my mum. He would walk past her in the street which was really rude. My mother spotted my uncle (her brother) going into solicitors and as my mother is the oldest, he was obviously curious. My mum doesn’t want anything; she just wanted to discover her roots.

However my mum wants to travel to Paris to visit her fathers village (where she’s originally from) and is trying to locate her fathers grave to pay her respects. She has asked her brother and he hasn’t replied so I asked my cousin. She said You’ve got a major cheek asking, I’m not telling you because he wouldn’t want you know. I don’t think that’s true as we know he was paying for my mums schooling, her maintenance etc right up until she was 18. He also tried so many times to take my mum back to France but mums family kept him away and my mum was of course far to young to really remember. This is what she was told when she got older. I told her I just want to pay our respects and for my mum to finally find her father so she can stand at his grave but they basically say we have no right, do you have a family/probate solicitor that can help in Manchester

property law advice

Hello Sir/Madam We took new property on rent from our agent and we pay him everything. that is agent fee, month rent and also deposit. the agent told us night before that we cant move in the property because old tenants havnt got any house yet and so they have asked me 15 days extension. so we agree on that and wait till 13th. in between we make contract from 14th november 2012 and we took the contract or agreement. but still on 13th night agent said that you cant move in because landlord is getting some higher price from other agent.  so what can we do because our landlord has given us permission for 2 days to live in same property where we are living now. waiting for your reply as soon as possible. thank you.