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problems with my landlord

I have an issue with my landlord.
I live in a shared house with two other tenants, I only rent one room but I have use of the facilities such as cooker, tv etc so we have a shared lounge.
The problem is my landlord and his employees such as maintenance men enter the property whenever they like without giving any of the tenants warning.
The other problem is that he just told me there are hidden cameras inside the house!!
Surely this cant be legal as I have read news articles about landlords spying on people this way!!
I did not agree in the contract to be secretly filmed, there was no mention of it.
Does this breach the part in the contract that says "The landlord agrees with the tenant that the tenant paying the said rent and observing and performing all the tenants obligations under this agreement may quietly enjoy the premises without any interruption by the landlord or any person claiming through or in trust for the landlord.
Please could you advise me on these issues, it would be greatly appreciated!

child visits

I am a single mother . I split up with babys father  . He has never supported my baby until i claimed CSA . I started to allow him access to my baby  for a couple of hours at my home. Slowly he has been getting more intimidating and using threatening statements about custody of my baby. He does not keep private visitation times agreed by us and turns up when he feels like it.  Can i force him into supervised visits