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divorce in pakistan

Hi there my name is James and I would be much appreciated if you can advice me regarding this divorcé, but I’m not sure which is the best way of moving this forward. I got married from Pakistan and I had to bring my partner into this country’s have three kids and now I want to re married again and divorce my first Partner. I never married to her in this country does this still accept my first marriage and also will she be entitle to do anything regards to my two properties even thou she never contributed to any expenses toward the house. If she is entitle how much n what is the best way of dealing with this situation.

accused of stealing at work

I have been suspended from my role as a bar person whilst an investigation is carried out. I was informed this via an undated letter. I was then informed I must attend the investigation meeting on that day, being given no advance notice. This letter also said I had a teleconference about the accusations which I did not. After this meeting it was said I was still suspended but this time without pay. The accusation is that I put some change in my pocket which I fully refute.