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If you have received a notice of prosecuted for an alleged motoring offence and are in any doubt as to your rights we recommend that you seek legal advice, using the search facility above enter your location and selecting Motoring Offences as the area of law, the results page will give you a list of firms that should be able to assist in your area.

Most firms will initially discuss your situation recommending your best course of action, and if you need to instruct a defence, they will advise on the costs and procedure.

Motoring offence Solicitors will be able to assist with all motoring matters, any guides provided by are for information only, and should not substitute legal advice.

Motoring Law Articles

Totting up points on your driving Licence.
When a driver accumulates twelve points or more in a three-year period on their driving license they are normally subject to a minimum driving ban of six months, but it must be noted that there are different rules for new drivers; bans from 6 points if driving under a ‘new licence’.

Motoring Offences – Drink Driving.
It is illegal to drink drive; if you are found guilty of this offence you will face severe punishment, a fine, loss of licence and possibly a custodial sentence. - what are the offences and what you need to know.

Motoring Offences – Drugs.
It is illegal to drive a vehicle when under the influence of drugs; if you are found guilty of this offence you will face a ban, a fine and a custodial sentence.

Speeding Motoring Offences.
Over 100,000 motorists are caught speeding each year, many have attended speed awareness courses, many were fined and received points on their licence and some have faced a driving ban.

Motoring Offences – Mobile Phone use in the car.
Motorists will automatically receive penalty points and a fine for using their mobile phones whilst driving, under new government plans.

Motoring offences – Dangerous, Careless or Inconsiderate Driving.
You may have witnessed people driving, ‘dangerously’ or you may have been stopped for dangerous driving, but are you aware that there are other charges that fall within the same category of offence?

Changes in the Car Tax Rules
Changes in the Car Tax - what they are and what you need to know.

Points on your driving Licence.
Article point endorsements on your Driving Licence.

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