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Employment Law (Employee)

If you feel you are the victim of an unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, sex discrimination or other employment law issues, let Solicitors.com help you find the right firm of Employment Law Solicitors to get you the expert advice you need.

We advise that you seek advice directly from a firm of solicitors as soon as possible as there can be a time period for an Employment Law claim.

Areas of Law covered by an Employment Solicitor.

:: Redundancy
:: Constructive Dismissal
:: Unfair Dismissal
:: Age, Ability, Race or Sex Discrimination
:: Capability
:: Redundancy
:: Harassment
:: Basic rights
:: Maternity, Paternity and Parental Rights
:: Minimum Wage
:: Misconduct
:: Compromise agreements
:: Employment Tribunal

Employment Law - Further Information.

Employing Children.
There are clearly defined rules about when a child can work and their hours of employment, this article sets out the laws to be followed by Employers of children and the rights of Employed children under 18 years old.

Restrictive covenants.
If you happen across a restrictive covenant in a contract, what is it and why is it in place?.

Flexible Working Hours
The right to request flexible working hours has been extended to all employees.

Employment Contracts
Employment Contracts - what they are, who should have one and what should be included.

Zero Hours Contracts
Zero Hours Contracts what are they and how are they used for employers and employees, understand how zero hours contracts are used in the work place.

Overview of Discrimination
Discrimination - understand if you have failed to comply with the discrimination laws or if you have been discriminated against.

Discrimination at Work.

Redundancy and Redundancy Pay.

Compromise Agreements
Compromise agreements - What is a compromise agreement? What can an employer put in a compromise agreement? Understand your rights and where you can get help.

Bereavement Rights at work
Bereavement – Employment Rights - Understand your rights at work when you have suffered a bereavement

Social media in the work place.
Staff using social media in the work place can become a problem, productivity and performance can be affected by the time spent on it, it can lead to disciplinary action, as an employer it’s essential that you clearly define expectations and consequences for misuse.

Employment Law - News.

Conservatives push ahead with new strike Laws.
The new business secretary Sajid Javid has announced plans to push ahead with the radical changes to the rules governing strike action.

Strike Ballots Proposed New Laws.
New proposals have been unveiled to tighten the Laws on strike ballots; the changes will be put before parliament by the Conservative party should they win the next election.

Employment Law updates for April 2015.
The changes in Employment law for April 2015 focus mainly on family leave, with the changes to shared parental leave grabbing most of the headlines, but a number of other measures come into effect.

Increase in the National Minimum wage.
Increase in the National Minimum wage. - From October the National Minimum wage is to be increased by 3% to £6.70 per hour.

Consultation to decide on new criminal charges for wilful neglect.
Social workers could face up to five years in jail should they prove guilty of wilful neglect towards children, if consultation decides to extend the law to include children’s social care.

Employment Law changes in April.
Following various Government bills a number of changes in Employment Law come into force in April, a brief outline of the changes are listed below to help Employees and Employers understand the changes and impact they will have.