Family Law Solicitors - Divorce Solicitors - Child Custody Solicitors

Family Law Solicitors can help you resolve the problems which may arise in the break-up of relationships, including financial issues and matters concerning any children.

Family and Divorce Law Solicitors should be able to give advice on the following areas:

:: Divorce or Separation
:: Disputes in connection with children
:: Protection against domestic violence
:: Adoption
:: Child care
:: Disputes over money and property
:: Co-habitation
:: Pre-nuptial agreements

Family law covers all areas of law relating to relationships with partners, cohabitants and married couples. It deals with issues relating to both the beginning and end of a relationship. Family Law does not deal with wider family issues for example, elderly relatives or making of wills.

:: Protection against domestic violence

Solicitors will be considerate about how to protect you if you are suffering from violence inflicted by your spouse, partner, child, or anyone with whom you are in a domestic relationship. If appropriate, they may obtain a court injunction prohibiting your abuser from coming near you.

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Family News

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The government may have inadvertently opened up a loophole that can have a major impact in divorce cases.

The importance of financial orders during Divorce.

New powers coming for Judges in family courts DNA test
Following successful pilot schemes in the South West, Judges in family courts are to get new powers when requesting DNA tests if parentage is in doubt.

Clare's Law - domestic violence.
The domestic violence disclosure scheme named after domestic violence victim Clare Wood has been brought in throughout England and Wales. Information regarding disclosure.

The Home Secretary had announced new laws to help victims of psychological and emotional abuse by partners or family members.

News on the reforms introduced as part of the Children and Families Act 2014