medical negligence

Clinical or Medical Negligence Solicitors

Due to the varied and complex nature of the medical profession, clinical or medical negligence claims are never clear cut. Proving that a certain injury or illness is the result of a single person's negligence is often close to impossible. If you want to pursue a negligence claim it is vital that you use specialist Clinical or Medical negligence solicitors.

Clinical/Medical negligence solicitors work within the personal injury sector of law. Due to the specialist knowledge that medical negligence claims require, it is not sufficient to simply hire a non-specialised personal injury solicitor. By making a medical or clinical negligence claim you are challenging the capabilities of a trained medical professional. In many cases this also calls into question the procedures and safeguards that hospitals and doctors use to ensure the safety of their patients. These are serious claims and the medical services that you are challenging will fight their corner. The medical negligence solicitors that the health services use to fight their cases will be very specialised.
Types of medical negligence compensation claims include:

■ cosmetic/plastic surgery.
■ delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis.
■ general practitioner.
■ general surgery.
■ gynaecology and obstetrics.
■ inappropriate and misprescription of drugs.
■ negligent dental treatment.
■ nursing care.
■ orthopaedics.
■ spinal injury.
■ accident and emergency.
■ birth injury including cerebral palsy and erbs palsy.
■ care of the elderly.
■ stillbirth.