Travel & Tourism Compensation Claims Solicitors

If you have had a problem whilst away of business or pleasure a travel and Tourism Solicitor will be able to help, the most common problems are with bookings, delays and lost property, most of these will be covered by your insurance and a solicitor will be able to help, and if not they will be able to give guidance on what you should do next.

Travel & Tourism Law Solicitors will be able to advice on the following areas:

• Insurance Claims
• Road traffic accidents abroad
• Personal Injury whilst abroad
• Accidents at hotels
• illness Compensation
• Claims arising out of disasters abroad e.g. boating accidents.
• Foreign employer’s liability and public liability claims.

To find a Travel and Tourism Solicitor to help please use the search facility at the top of the page, as this area of law is such a specialist area we would suggest that you search by your county rather than town.

On the drop down areas of law select Holiday claims.

If you are having any problems obtaining a Travel & Tourism solicitor, please contact us; call a helpline number or use the general ask a question email facility.
If you are abroad and need urgent advice contact the government representative in that country, if unsure contact the Governments Foreign and Commonwealth office

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