New powers coming for Judges in family courts DNA test

New powers coming for Judges in family courts.

Following successful pilot schemes in the South West, Judges in family courts are to get new powers when requesting DNA tests if parentage is in doubt.

The Pilot came about after it was found that delays were being caused by arguments over parentage during divorce cases.

It’s important that family courts protect the well being of children and arguments of this nature are not in the best interest of any children and the strength of ongoing relationships, it was found in the pilot that judges armed with the facts are more confident about rulings concerning the children and that parents are more willing to follow the courts decisions.

The tests will be funded by the Family Court Advisory service and will cost in excess of half a million pounds per year, but the savings in court time will more than make up for it.

The new powers will help in cases where the mother is refusing contact stating that the father is not the biological parent, or in cases where people are trying to avoid making support payments for their children.

Critics of the new powers feel the DNA tests should be brought forward, and waiting until the family case has gone to court just involves costs which can be avoided.

The new rules come into effect in September 2015

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