Employment Law Solicitors for Employers.

Employment Law (Employer)

If you’re the employer of people, you want excellent solicitor’s representation that gives expert employment law advice on British employment law in the UK.

A Employment solicitor in this category should be able to advise on the following:

:: Drawing up and advising on compromise agreements.

:: Directors' service contracts and employee contracts.

:: Advising in respect of business transfers and the implications for business proprietors and employees.

:: Advising employers in respect of employment rights and duties including recruitment, severance, dismissal and redundancy issues.

:: Advising on matters brought before the industrial tribunal and other courts, namely dealing with unfair and wrongful dismissals and discrimination issues.

:: Director and employee incentive schemes.

:: Advising on new legislation and providing guidance on the latest decisions of the Industrial Tribunal.

:: Advising on staff manuals and policies, disciplinary, ill health, capability and grievance procedures.

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