Legal Protection for Good Deeds.

The Government are to outline plans to increase the legal protection for people carrying out good deeds.

We understand that measures are to be outlined in the Queen’s speech on June 4th, the idea being that if you are involved in a ‘good deed’ and you end up being sued the Law will provide you with greater protection.

Research has showed that people are concerned about undertaking good deeds through fear of being the subject of a liability claim.

Health and safety concerns have resulted in the cancellation of many events such as street parties, with excessive demands for liability insurance making the event to expensive to host.

Under the new Laws a judge will be required to give a bias towards people if

- The person was acting in an ‘overall responsible manner’
- If the defendant had undertaken an act as a ‘good Samaritan’ in an emergency
- If the person was doing something for the benefit of the community.

The Ministry of Justice have stated that the bill will also protect employers when something happens in the workplace that is no fault of the employer, highlighting the benefits to small business where the employer has taken a responsible approach to their employees’ safety but are the subject of litigation from employees that have been “irresponsible”

The new bill will, we hope introduce some sort of sanity to an out of control ‘health and safety’ culture, that deters people from doing acts for the benefit of others, and rebalances the responsibility between employees and employers for safety in the workplace.

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