Conservatives push ahead with new strike Laws.

Conservatives push ahead with new strike Laws.

The new business secretary Sajid Javid has announced plans to push ahead with the radical changes to the rules governing strike action.

We recently reported the possibility of the law changes, with the new law insisting that there must be a minimum turnout of 50% in a strike ballot, a change that the Unions are very unhappy about.

Those in essential services such as health and education will require the backing of 40% of those members able to vote, a move that the unions have condemned stating that it would render strikes almost impossible in these sectors.

Strike action is an important feature of labour law and to those going on strike a very justifiable event, but an event that can be very disruptive and damaging, so making this process harder is not a bad thing as it ensures the action carries the desire of the workers but to make it almost impossible, may be a bit too much.

The reason the unions are saying that strike action will become so difficult is because of the way members are balloted, as to whether the unions will now look to change this system remains to be seen.

Further information

I understand that the new rules will form part of the queen’s speech at the end of May.

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